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Good Reads
I know I've been bad at posting, I apologize. It's finals week now and how lucky I am to have this fun distraction from studying! And how appropriate that it's about reading- that justifies procrastination... right?

I find book covers terribly important. Because who doesn't judge a book by it's cover? Covers are supposed to attract readers and say something about the book without giving too much away. I've put together a bunch of covers I like- sorry, some of them had to be cut off. Look at these great cover designs and take note of the hierarchy of words, images, typography, and symbolism. Kudos to these designers, who make covers attractive in an age where books are becoming less and less influential.

xo, Alexi
where: my room
what i'm listening to: Christmas music, duh!



Mask Time

Halloween is around the corner. This is my favorite door picture, I just LOVE bat decorations! Anyone got good ideas for me and the boy? I think I want to have matching outfits this year. So far I'm trying to talk him into being Kermit while I'll dress up as Miss Piggy. What are you planning to be?

Here are some pictures of my family and I trying on masks at a Cirque Du Soleil store. Hopefully this gets you in the Halloween spirit if you don't have any ideas yet:

xo, Alexi
where: Argo Tea (the girl next to me is speaking French and the guy in front of me has an iPad. I feel oh-so-sophisticated)
what i'm listening to: Some jazz ensemble with lots of cymbals.



October Lust
I'm feelin' a little lustful this October. Usually I like to go on and on about one lust item, but I can't help myself:
The one I was is actually in this rose gold color that's $940. Anyone feeling generous?


I feel like (and wish) he never died. Alexander McQueen's still got some awesome stuff out there. I'm just waiting for a news report that tells us he went Tupac on our asses and never died.


I've got this attachment to nautical. The fad's over and I can't let go.


I. Don't. Need. More. Brushes! ...but I want them! These brushes from Tokidoki are killing me.


This is the most frustrating lust item. I want it, I love the color, I can afford it, I will never ever be able to fit it. It's size 5.5M. If you like these boots, though, check out Pretty Little World's blog.

xo, Alexi
where: the computer lab
what i'm listening to: "Parachute" by Ingrid Michaelson



A Tourist in Iowa

Over the summer, Krishna and I visited my friend in Iowa just for giggles. It was a lot more fun than we expected! Have you ever heard of frisbee golfing? Well, we went to a frisbee golf course, and I sucked. Anyways, I thought this would make for a fun outfit post since that was my first time wearing those tights. A bold move for usually-boring me. And yes, that is a fanny pack...

Roxy Sweater: PacSun
Dress: Forever 21
Fanny Pack: Sanrio store
Tights: Forever 21 (only $2.99!!)

xo, Alexi
where: my bed
what i'm listening to: the Eric Hutchingson CD



Coach gives the go signal for socks & open toe shoes

You guys like or dislike the look? I'm not going to lie- there was a massive sigh of relief when I saw this ad because all these cute open-toe booties are cute until winter actually hits and it's too cold for them. Not that I yearn for approval from Coach designers or its highly-skilled marketing team, but it's encouraging, haha.

xo, Alexi
where: The Flats bed and breakfast in Chicago
what i'm listening to: "I Hadn't Anyone Til You" by Judy Garland